Special Alloys

We are specialist for the industry and help with advice, service and supply of materials at your disposal. In addition to the components mentioned before, we are also busy in the field of raw materials and magnets.


We supply permanent magnets made of Ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo and Rare Earth and follow here the existing standard magnets. Special designs are also possible.


We supply titanium in different alloys (titanium grade DIN 3.7025 1,2,3,4,5,7,11,12, 3.7035, 3.7055, 3.7065, 3.71053.7225, 3.7235, 3.7145, 3.7165 Ti-6AL-4V) as round material like bars and wire as well as sheets. Here we have access to a larger stock in various diameters and standard dimension sheets.


Special Alloys
Controlled Expansion Alloys e.g.1.3981, Alloy 45, 46, 4750, 48,49, 52, Invar 36 (1.3912), Alloy 42, Copper Nickel Alloys wie z.B. 90/10, 70/30, CuNi44 (wire&sheets),CuNi23, CuNi10, CuNi6.CuNi2, Cobalt-iron (CoFe according to ASTM A 80)
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Thermal Expansion Alloys

1.3981 is regulary used as a general term for Fe–Ni alloys with these particular thermal expansion properties.


You should note the related particular Fe–Ni alloy is "Invar" which exhibits minimum thermal expansion.

Fe Ni  Co       Cr S Si Mn
balance 29,1%   17,2%  <0.03% < 0.02% 0.10% 0.24%

Supplied in bars (1.5-300mm Ø), sheets (1,0, 1,5, or 16mm), wire (0,45,0,70mm Ø), tube (6-26mm Ø), strip on request (0,25 & 0,50). Goods allways sent with certificate.

As an example, 1.3981 is used for matched expansion joints between metals and glass or ceramics. It has thermal expansion characteristics which do match with those of hard glass.


Applications are X-ray tubes and power tubes.


Invar is also known as FeNi36. This is a nickel–iron alloy notable for its uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE or α).


The name Invar comes from the word invariable, referring to its relative lack of expansion, respectively contraction with temperature changes. Invar is widly used where high dimensional stability is required.

Fe Ni Cr S Si Mn
balance 36,13% <0.01% < 0.01% 0.09% 0.26%

Supplied in bars (2.0-300mm Ø) or sheets (1,0, 1,5, 3, 5,6,8,20,30,40,50 -70mm), allways with our own certificate.


Applications are Precision instruments, clocks, seismic creep gauges, television shadow-mask frames, valves in motors, and antimagnetic watches.


Soft-magnetic Alloys

CoFe Alloys (2.4778, 2,4682 according to ASTM A801) are well known to have the highest saturation flux density (approx. 2.4T) of materials known at present and thus pure iron of course. Depending on your requierements, forged bars can be produced at a MOQ which has to be discussed in the early stage of your enquiry.

Fe    Co        V  
balance    48-50%    1,5-2%  

Supplied in bars (up to>400mm Ø) or sheets (0.1 mm only), allways with our own certificate.

Applications are primarily in the manufactor of rotor & stator lam´s in motors and generators for aircraft power generation. Also used for UHV.

CuNi44 is used to form thermocouples with wires made of iron, copper, or chromel. It has an extraordinarily strong negative Seebeck coefficient above 0 Celsius, leading to a good temperature sensitivity.