Magnetic Shielding


MARCHANDISE Technologie GmbH is the official representative of Magnetic Shields Ltd .(MSL), responsable for Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Poland and Switzerland. The extending of this business area comprehends currently the East European countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Slovakia etc.


Most of the shielding are made from µ-Metal (ASTM A753 Alloy 4), a very high permeability material which is extremly effective at screening low frequency magnetic fields.


Further our shielding are made from silicon iron, pure iron and other materials.


They are being produced according to customer specification by die-cutting respectively laser cutting. µ-Metal requires a special high temperature heat treatment. The final heat treatment will take care that the desired magnetic properties are achieved.


On the following pictures you can see a various range of magnetic shielding. Some of these types are being produced in single quantities of a few dozen - other types do have a cylcle of a few thousand per month and even more.

For transformers there is a variety of standard shielding cans:

Deep-drawn cans µmetal
round & rectangular standard can in quality RNi5 (µmetal). Dimensions range from 30.2mm - 88mm inner Diameter and depths according to requirements.
deep drawn cans (rectangular and round).
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QB 55, QB 85, QB 85, QB 102
square-shaped cans

On request, we do also produce ashlar-formed cans [QB] like:

QB 20 / QB 30 / QB 42 / QB 55 / QB 65 / QB 74 / QB 85 / QB 102a/b