cryogenic Shields

In recent years Nickel Iron manufacturers have worked to produce high permeability grades of material suitable for magnetic shielding that can maintain good levels of permeability down to 4 degrees Kelvin.

This development is very significant in high energy physics and other superconductor applications as it means that a functioning shield can be inserted inside the cryogenic system.

MSL have been constructing shields in this material for several years now and have developed considerable expertise in the special heat treatment required to develop the low temperature properties.

We currently have several cryogenic shield projects either operational or under construction using the APERAM (Imphy Alloys) grade Cryophy®.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements for advice, sample shields or sheet supply of this specialist material.


Below are shown some typical properties for Cryogenic µMetal.

Cryogenic µMetal

Typical Applications: cryostats, SQUID-sensors.


The following sizes are available for rapid delivery in a cold rolled, stress annealed condition:

Magnetic Shielding at cryogenic temperatures (typically 4K)


*Thickness Tolerance +/- 5%

Other gauges may be available at time of enquiry, please call our sales team to check availability

Physical Properties

Typical Final Annealed Mechanical Properties

Typical Magnetic Properties (DC) after Final Anneal


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