Toroidal cores (ring cores)

SiFe toroidal wound cores

MARCHANDISE is able to supply toroidal cores in SiFe and NiFe quality as well as powder cores according to "Sendust" quality (FeSiAL) or according to "MPP" quality (FeNiMo).

We use high quality steels with low iron-loss and high permeability in thickness of 0.23mm, 0.27mm, and 0.3mm. These are wounded in the same direction of closed flux path, no magnetic leakage, so its magnetic performance is best of all. The core winding is easy and high efficiency with toroidal winding machines.


Toroidal core is widely used in 50Hz and 400Hz transformers, current transformers, reactors, chokes and other magnetic components of electronic equipments.


Iron core for filter inductor, choking coil of car audio, PFC (power factor correction) inductor and intermediate-frequency power transformer, energy-storage inductor, reactor, magenetic amplifier and saturable reacor, common-mode choke & differential-mode indyctor, of high/ medium/lower power in the high-frequency (20kHz - 100kHz) switch power supply; mutual indyctor of different precisions