NiFe wound cores

Magnetic shields extended its product range in 2009 beyond low frequency magnetic shielding, to include high accuracy current measurement cores for all types of high current applications. The stuff and know-how of Carpenter UK have been transfered to the company in late 2009.


These toroidal cores in µ-Metal are produced in MSL's fully integrated production facility in Kent, England, and as a final operation, are heat treated in their highly specialised hydrogen atmosphere heat treatment furnaces.


MSL use only the top qualities to ASTM A753 alloy 4, and are able to produce extremely high quality cores, whilst remaining competitive with their deep knowledge of maximising the properties of this material.

All cores are tested for performance prior to despatch and MSL can offer a very tight control of properties on a batch to batch basis.


Typical applications of these cores are in power transmission systems, rail networks and in conjunction with phase balancing software in sensitive 3 phase installations to achieve maximum machine efficiencies.


MSL have both the winding machines and heat treatment facilities to offer fast deliveries of series or 1 off samples of cores between 50mm id and 1000mm od and in strip thicknesses of 0.1mm, 0.2mm and 0.35mm. Smaller diameters are possible on request.


In addition to supply these cores produced by Magnetic Shields, they also represent Magnetec GmbH in the UK, and can offer all of their extensive range of wound products in both crystalline and nano-crystalline materials.




- Interference Suppression

- Hall effect Transducers

- Audio and High Frequency Transformers

- Magnetic Amplifiers

- Saturable Reactors

- Pulse Transformers