NiFe laminations

stamped nickel-iron


  • We supply laminations according to the common NiFe-Qualities, as µ-Metal and RNi12
  • E, ED, EE, EI, UI and M laminations have a high permeability, a low coercive force and low hysteresis losses by high temperature heat treatment
  • The available thicknesses are 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.35 and 0.5 mm
  • We supply laminations to customer specifications/drawings
  • Our production is able to either stamp, laser-cut or photo-etch laminations
  • The parts will be cleaned, deburred and final heat treated
  • We supply any type of Nickel-Iron laminations in proper package, ordered in lines for further processing


Please note that we do NOT offer transformer sheets made of SiFe (silicon-iron).


A list of currently available cuts is available on request


Area of application: transformers, transmitters, chokes, telephones, relays for input, output, audio signal, inductors, crossover networks, DC bias bridging, chopper, control converter, differential, filament, IF, instrument, electronic, computer modems, communications, specialty transformers and chokes and precision motors.


alloys composition μr Hc,stat Bs TC density
(0,4 A/m, 50 Hz) [A/m] [T] [°C] [g/cm³]
µ-Metal 80 % NiFe aprox. 30.000 3 0,8 400 8,7
RNi 5 80 % NiFe aprox. 60.000 2 0,8 400 8,7
RNi 12 50 % NiFe aprox. 10.000 10 1,6 440 8,25