Cut cores

SiFe, NiFe, amorphous & nanocrystalline

We deliver cut cores in SiFe quality in thicknesses 0.10 to 0.35 mm. All cores as standard SE, SU, SM and SG-cores we offer on request. Special sections for drawing (eg. "multi-section") are also possible. Please let us know your demand and feel free to send us your drawings.

standard cut cores in SiFe quality
SE, SM, SU, S3U and multicut according to drawing available!
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Properties: These cores are Fe-base amorphous ribbon, with high saturation magnetic induction strength, high magnetic permeability, low loss (1/5-1/10 compared with silicon steel), low coercive force and good temperature stability.


amorphous cut cores according to METGLAS quality AMCC-1 to AMCC-1000
amorphous cut cores according to METGLAS quality AMCC-1 to AMCC-1000

Product Performance

- High saturate induction—reducing core volume

- Rectangular form, easy to mount coils

- With air gap, excellent anti-bias current ability

- Low core loss and low temperature rise

- Excellent stability: keeps stable working from -55℃ to 130°C


Amorphous C-Cores

Fe-based amorphous c-cores according to 2605SA1
Iron-amorphous cores are widely used in the high frequency power switch power supply, output filter reactor and some UPS (uninterrupted power supply) of the main transformer.
Some types are also used for solar inverter transformers.
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Nanochristalline C-Cores


 High-frequency transformers, power supplies, reactors




Low losses in the HF range

Small size

variable induction

Easy in winding

Nanocrystalline C-Cores
Cores of other specifications are available upon request.
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