Official representative in Poland
Official representative in Poland

JT Stal Serwis Sp. z o.o.
41-603 Świętochłowice
ul. Wojska Polskiego 84
NIP: 627-272-32-30
REGON: 241940794

Tel.  +48 (0) 32 700 71 21
Fax  +48 (0)-32 445 04 22


About JT Stal

JT Stal Serwis Sp. z o.o. combines modern technology and years of experience of our employees. Depending on material and customer needs we apply water jet, laser or plasma to cut about absolutely anything. Our offer is for both individual and industrial customers – these include companies operating in various industries such as aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, electrical, paper, stone or glass manufacturers.


We are flexible, open to new challenges and we provide high quality, quick and professional service. Apart from cutting we handle logistics issues, too.

To meet customers’ needs we extended our services to offer cold-rolled sections made to order.